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The best women's multivitamin? Do you take one?

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  • ICNDonna
    The only vitamin I take is D, recommended by our doctor. I do very well with getting nutrients in foods.


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  • Kokoro
    started a topic The best women's multivitamin? Do you take one?

    The best women's multivitamin? Do you take one?

    I know that many people here do not take multivitamins because they often contain vitamins like C that can irritate the bladder. However, for the past few months I've been taking some vitamin supplements, D, E, and yes, C, and have noticed NO bladder problems. I guess I'm lucky.

    In addition to IC, I have IBS, vulvodynia, and fibromyalgia. I get a lot of body aches and I'm tired ALL OF THE TIME. ALL of the time. In addition, I have moderate acne. Thus, I'm interested in taking a multivitamin to try to boost my energy and improve my overall health. I'm not a very good eater due to being rather picky, which is just another reason to take a multivitamin.

    I'm curious - does anyone here take one? Can you recommend one? I've been checking out Rainbow Light Women's One Multivitamin (, which has great reviews. Was also looking at a list of what are considered some of the top multivitamins for women (

    I'd appreciate any input you gals can give me!