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supplement 5 htp for depression

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  • supplement 5 htp for depression

    My daughter started taking 5 htp tryptophan a week ago on the advise of her PT. It is suppose to help for depression, anxiety, fatigue, fibromyalgia among other things.
    Anyway, she has been very depressed for a long time. IC can do that to you.
    She has tried many antidepressants and they all give her severe bladder retention.
    This drug had some problems in the 90's. But it is back with the government okay.
    Almost immediately she saw results with no side effects. She has been so happy and like her old self, it is amazing. She actually has energy and is laughing again. She has not mentioned her bladder or pain since being on it.
    Of course I am worried about potential problems from it but I was just reading on WebMD user comments and it seems to help a lot of people.
    I tried to talk to her about the problems with the supplement (can casue a chronic disease, just what she needs, another one). But she will not listen to me.
    Has anyone had experience with this drug? Has it helped anyone with IC?

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    I haven't heard of it, but with medications you always have to outweigh risk/benefit. I know that I cannot function without taking lexapro and klonopin for my depression/anxiety. I am not sure if it's ok to take very long term but I try to take it day by day. I hope to wean off of one in the near future, but not sure at this point.
    I think it is wise that you are reading about the medication so you can make decisions based on that. Good for you for being so proactive
    -Pammylynn Rose
    Wishing everyone a pain free bladder day!

    Painful symptoms start in May 2011
    Diagnosed with IC in Aug 2011

    Axert (only for rare migraines)
    Strict IC diet
    Gluten/dairy/egg free diet


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      I had used this years ago for insomnia and pms symptoms. It worked well but then they took it off the market and I never bothered with it again. I didn't have bladder pain at the time so I can't comment on how it affected my bladder.