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  • Trimethoprim

    Is it safe to stay on low dose antibiotics for an extended period of time?

    I was getting a UTI every month (as soon as one would clear up, another would develop). As you know, it's difficult to distinguish between a UTI and IC. I don't get the typical flares either. I feel my bladder all the time, so it's especially difficult to tell if it is IC or an infection.

    I had several UTI's in a row, so my doctor put me on 100 mg of Trimethoprim daily. It's worked really well, and I haven't had one UTI since I've started the antibiotic. However, I've been on it for going on 2 years.

    Does anyone know if it is safe to continue to stay on Trimethoprim for this long? I know some people take antibiotics after intercourse, as opposed to daily. I like the fact that I'm not getting UTI's....however, if I would have just as much success taking it only as needed (like after intercourse), I would consider it. However, if it's safe to stay on a low dose for awhile, I'd rather go that route to make sure I don't get UTI's. I have different urologists telling me different things, so not sure what to do.

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    There are some people who take antibiotics regularly --- it depends entirely on the situation. If you have concerns, you really need to express them to the ordering physician. If you have concerns about what you are hearing, I suggest a second opinion from a doctor who is not in the same medical practice.

    Stay safe

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      I was considering taking antibiotics too, opted for d mannose, marshmallow root pills and slippery elm pills. So far it is working awesome. I would think taking so many antibiotics would mess up your good bacteria in your body. Hope you continue to feel well.