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Update On My Antibiotic Therapy

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    How is it going, Kimberly, and VM?

    I, too, am on proactive antibiotic therapy but not after sex, just once a day at nighttime. I'm to do it for 3 months and then go back for more diagnostic stuff...

    I was having at least one UTI every 2 months.

    Although my sex life is much more active than many people here (I'm very thankful for this!), I don't do it every single day, so just after sex would mean less antibiotics. However, I know that my IC symptoms are not caused by sex. A few years ago, when trying to figure this all out, my husband and I stopped having sex for a month. None of my symptoms went away, so we knew it wasn't directly related. My UTIs may be related to sex but I find that hard to believe given that we were both washing before and after, using libricant with a substance that kills bacteria, and drinking lots of water and peeing afterwards.

    I'm feeling much better after a month of this (along with the diet and Prelief) but I still worry about the effect they may have on my birth control pills. However, I found a study of patients doing long-term antibiotics for acne, and it found that after 4-6 weeks of the antibiotics, the body got used to them and the hormone levels were stable. Well, it's been 4 weeks so it should even out soon.

    Anyway, enough about me - any updates on the two of you?

    Pikkumyy - special ed teacher, wife, wild animal rehabber, and PFD patient since the horrible kidney infection of 2000. In remission since 9/04