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    My Primary Care Doctor recommends > Cipro for UTI's.
    But , My Urologist recommends > Bastrim DS for UTI's.

    2 conflicting Opinions on UTI Medications.

    For Bronchitus or Sinus Infections I get > Bactrim DS.

    For Dental Infections (After teeth removal) I get Keflex.

    I am allergic to Penicillin and all the other antibiotic stuff.
    Those are the only 3 that I can tollerate.


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      It's been years since I've had an infection, but my urologist always did a culture to be sure the antibiotic he ordered would be effective. I'm allergic to sulfa and penicillin.

      Stay safe

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        Anytime I get a UTI , my urine is sent for Culture testing.

        But both doctor's perscribe 2 different med's to treat the UTI.

        One say's Cipro
        The other says Bactrim DS.

        They must both be Ok for a UTI because they work great.


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          Originally posted by CaliAnn View Post
          I was put on low dose antibiotics for a year for another condition that I have, despite the fact that I had no infection. I can tell you, I wish I had never done this - now not only have I built an intolerance to any antibiotics in the same family, I have horrid GI issues as well. The doc. who prescribed this told me that with low dose antibiotics, I wouldn't have this issue. The GI and infectious disease specialist I saw later said that is not the case.

          Please be very careful and do THOROUGH research before doing any kind of long term antibiotic treatment.
          I am also taking Macrodantin daily...once a day for the next 5 months. I was diagnosed with IC last week..but also have had a severe UTI for about 8 months now. The UTI has caused central sensitization in my bladder...i don't know if any of you also have this...or if it's common with IC..but basically....i can't feel when i have to use the bathroom...bc i've had so many UTI's...and this one in particular for so bladder is no longer sensitive to the sensation of simply having to urinate..and it's stretched making my IC a lot worse. Macrobid, cipro, keflex, and levaquin are like drinking water for me. I get no symptoms (except for feeling tired) and no results. He put me on a huge dose of augmentin for 5 days...and directly on macrodantin to keep it out of my system so my urine will be clear. he doesn't even want to attempt a cystoscopy until he knows the infection is completely macrodantin is where i am right now. i've been on it a week....and pain free for a week. i don't want to take it for the rest of my life...but right now i'm in college and just wanting to be able to go to class everyday and study every night without painful interference. i have a high tolerance for a lot of drugs bc i've have IC for 8 years...and have been given antibiotics for a "UTI" up until a week ago. it's all a big mass confusion..but macrodantin has been working for me really well so far. I refuse to stop there though after these next 5 months. I want real answers...and that's not necessarily antibiotics. i don't want to be one of those people. keep taking it and get yourself out of pain so your doctor can see the damage done to your bladder. but push for it...push for more and more research bc if you have health insurance that supports your medical bills...there is no reason to seize research bc one antibiotic seems to work. good luck to you...don't be scared...track your may be the answer for a while...but no reason to stop research. i'll be praying for you. let me know what you find sounds like we're in the same boat. i've had kidney problems too. God bless!
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            I haven't had an infection in about 5 years; but when I do have one they culture my urine before hand so they know which one to prescribe. Problem with me is that I am on Coumadin which is a blood thinner so they have to make sure that it doesn't interfer awhole lot with that medication.