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UTI/Biofilm infection: natural antibiotic treatment?

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  • UTI/Biofilm infection: natural antibiotic treatment?

    Hi all,

    I'm 42 and I've been recently diagnosed with IC based on symptoms: pain (razor like burning in bladder and urethra, responsive somewhat to the IC diet), frequency, urgency, PDF (secondary, as a result of the inflammation). I'm mostly bed-ridden with pain, my periods worsen the pain tremendously, but after 3 months of IC diet, marshmallow tea, and quercetin, I have some good days.

    I have just seen a London dr who suspects a biofilm infection not usually detectable on the regular urine tests. I am worried about long term antibiotics, but I also think anyone with IC should give the infectious possibility a chance before settling for a lifetime of pain management. The truth is this dr has a ton of patients diagnosed with IC who get better on long-term antibiotics. However, not everybody gets better and many develop the usual problems associated with long-term antibiotic use.

    My question is: has anybody treated successfully either chronic UTIs or biofilm infections with natural antibiotics (oil of oregano, grapeseed extract, etc) and probiotics to restore the urogenital flora? I've read bits and pieces in various posts, but nothing like a more sustained plan?