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  • Dr. Christoper Payne

    My uro wants me to visit Dr. Payne at Stanford. Have any of our members seen him? What can I expect?

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    I have never been to see this dr... please let us know how it goes for you.
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      Hi Sharyn,
      I have not seen Dr. Payne either, but I've only read wonderful things about him. He's big in the IC research community, so I suspect you'll be in good hands.

      I hope one of his patients will post to you. In the mean time, you could check out a transcript from his appearance on the ICN, which discusses the use of BCG:

      Good luck to you!
      Melanie J.
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        We had Dr. Payne as a guest speaker, you may want to go read his lecture. wink Kathi hi
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          I saw Dr. Payne when I was part of the BCG trial early last year, and in my opinion, he is a compassionate doctor.



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            Did he help you? I was hoping that he would have some suggestions that I could take back to my euro.


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              Hi Sharyn,

              Dr. Payne is my urologist and I think he's wonderful. Yes, he's a very compassionate doctor. He was the first doctor who really listened to me. I think it could only benefit you to see such a great doctor blink

              Jill hi


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                I read the article that was posted. I wasn't aware that he would take me as a patient. I haven't had very good luck with the last 6 so it is conforting to know that there is another doctor for me. At least my current uro was honest and referred me to Dr. Payne. I give him credit for that.

                Did you participate in any experimental programs?
                At times I have had some remission over the last 3 years and it was encouraging. My appt. is in Oct. so I will post the results.
                Meanwhile I am on my own and value the suport of my fellow IC friends.


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                  Dr. Payne is absolutely wonderful. If I still lived in the Bay Area, I would definitely continue to see him. He is very compassionate and was there for me all those times when I came to his office for an appointment in tears. Due to my IC, I had to move to be with my mother for awhile. I was sad to say goodbye to Dr. Payne, as he was the first doctor (and only doctor since) that has truly listened to me, and not made me feel melodramatic. I know he's involved in lots of research studies, so in my opionion, he's the guy to see! Wish you the best of luck!



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                    I am looking forward to meeting with him. I am glad that I can tell him that he is held in high regard in the IC Network family.
                    I will post after my Oct. appt., as some are interested in what he has to say.


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                      Yes, please keep us informed. He's truly the best IC doctor there is (and I've seen plenty so-called "experts"), so you're in good hands.


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                        For those of us, who live too far to visit Dr. Payne, could you tell us what treatments he uses, and if they are any different from those of other uros?


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                          The appt. is next week so I will definitely report back. I had a tough month, but seem to be feeling better. HR therapy plays a role and Elmiron treatment was disturbed by hydro, I think.
                          Read the CPP article written by Dr. Green.