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Three Month Follow Up Visit

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  • Three Month Follow Up Visit


    Last week, I had my 3 month follow up visit for BCG study at Stanford.

    I honestly think that I'm doing a little bit better after undergoing the six weeks of treatment. As I told the research coordinator, I feel as if the pain/sensations of needing to urinate are becoming somewhat duller. It's almost as if that the BCG has taken the "edge" off of me feeling the urge to urinate all the time.

    While my bladder capacity hasn't gone up significantly, I do feel that I can hold the urine for longer periods of time now than before I started the treatment.

    While I never know if I had the real thing or not, I honestly believe that I did get it as I got some of the side effects that go with BCG treatment.

    I'd be really intersted in hearing back from anyone else who's had positive expereinces with BCG to see if they had a similar reaction to mine.


    Redmond, WA

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    dear derrick,

    i had BCG instillation last year. the bcg didn't increase my bladder capacity, but it did take the urgency away. i think i had a few months' remission from it, but ic came back to me as usual.

    what was your side effect like. i had flu like symptoms.

    i sent you a private message a few weeks ago. i left ms in april and am working as a part time contracted localizer with a different team at ms.
    hope everything goes fine with you.