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  • Visit With Dr. Payne

    I visited with Dr. Payne. We reviewed my history.
    We agreed that I would have 6 Herprin Treatments.
    Since I have had pain while on Elmiron he suggested that I stop taking it. He prescribed Pyridium Plus and Vicodin. If the treatmens help he would like me to do this at home. I know some of you do self-cath. Unfortunately, I have 2 discs that give me a lot of pain. I know that some of you go to the office for bladder treatments. How did you get to do that?

    I will go to Stanford for the next 6 weeks and see if the Heparin treatments help. I am hoping that I will have some relief before that.

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    Hi Sharyn,

    I also go to Dr. Payne. He is a wonderful Dr and a very sweet man. Nurse Tina taught me to self cath. I never thought I'd be able to do it. But Tina is very patient and helpful. I actually found that self-cathing is much less painful that a nurse or Dr doing it (cuz you can feel when to start/stop). Good luck!



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      Hi Mel,

      I am scheduled for my first treatment tomorrow.
      Unfortunatly, I fell today in my driveway and scaped up my hands and knees. I couldn't manage dong my own procedure at this time. I called my insurance company and they will send out a home nurse to assist me with the treatments.

      I am waiting for a call back from Tina to call the insurance company and give them orders. This would greatly assist me as I travel 1 1/2 hrs each way.

      Does the heparin help you?