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Anyone - I am trying to decide on this treatment - help?

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  • Anyone - I am trying to decide on this treatment - help?

    My doctor has suggested that I try this before I do anything more drastic. I have read info, read the old posts, and still am confused.

    My insurance will not pay for the medication. The group my doctor thought was going has been canceled, so I would have to pay for the medication myself. The doctor is trying to get the drug company to give me a break, as it is very expensive....

    Is it worth the risk? I need pain relief!

    Any one that had bad results? Fabulous?


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    Mary, if you look at the old posts you'll see some discussion on this. Someone was asking about this a few weeks ago and I wrote a long response. I was going to have this done last summer but didn't (and now I regret it because I have developed other problems) but I've heard both good and bad things. I know people who have had very good results, but on the other hand some things about it make me nervous. One thing I started getting scared about was I noticed a couple of people discussing having infections since they had it done which worried me. My family has always been uncomfortable with this because it is so caustic to the bladder, and when I read about the infection issue I started to wonder if this was connected. Personally I consider this one of the more drastic treatments (compared to some of the others), although I don't know what you've already tried and hence what your uro meant when he suggested you try this before something more drastic.

    ---sorry Mary I just reread your message where you said you already read the old posts. I'm not sure about the cost issue, as mine was going to be covered by insurance. I do pay for a lot of meds at full cost and to me if they're going to help it's worth the cost.

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