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Botox 4 weeks ago-my progress

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    Well, I had the injections last June 15th. My dr did the cysto/hydro too so I was in the hospital for 2 nights

    This time was incredible!!!!!!, I had a very big contraction in my pelvic floor, so in the surgery room, before I got sleep he checked me very carefully

    He talked with the anesthesiologyst about the pain after the hydrodistention and about the contraction in the pelvic floor, so they decided to get me sleep for 24 hours. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was incredible, because I didn´t remember anything. My mom said that I was in pain may be for 5 hours after the surgery, But.......... I didn´t remember!!!!, I was so druggy (??), in fact the nurse took my a shower IN MY BED!!, I didn´t remember very well this either

    2 days after the surgery, my dr removed the catheter and I went to the wc to pee. And what was my surprise that I COULD VOID WITHOUT PAIN AND RETENTION!!!

    He put 200 units: 50 in the trigone, and 150 in urethra, vagina and vulva (in the trigger points)

    I saw the video and I was in shock!! I saw how whe he injects the Botox and inmediatly a little bumb (??) is formed (??). He said that he put 25 shoots

    On Saturday I couldn´t sit, so I was in my bed, and on Sunday (In México was the father´s day) I went with my family to celebrate my husband I was pretty well. On Monday I went to my office.

    And today (1 week and 1 day after) I´m very very very well, my frequency is maybe 1 every 1 hour and at night I have to go to the wc maybe 3 times. I don´t have urgency and I´m totally pain free!!!

    I´m not taking neurontin now (because I don´t feel pain in my nerve) and I´m only taking dayly Atarax and TENS only 30 minutes at night



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      I am so happy that you are doing so much better!


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        And you????


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          I am doing good.


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            Botox 4 weeks ago-my progress

            Hi ladies. I'm glad you are doing well.

            I am 3 months into this now. I have had some incredible days but still get flares like this week. I think it's related to the IBS. I will never get 300 units again. I still have retention, but only during the flares.


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              Your progress


              I am so happy you are doing well. I assume you would recommend botox as that is what I am debating getting done. I had the hydro several years ago and it helped a lot. The doctor now wants to do botox.



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                Rose: I recomend Botox, thanks to it I can continue withe my life!!! and before Botox treatment I began with the hydrodistention. So IN MY CASE both are the best treatment. Hydro helps with my IC and Botox with my PFD and vulvodynia. The only "side effect" of these treatments are the cost and that I have to be 3 or 4 times a year in the hospital, but I don´t care!!!

                Indy!! Three months????? wow!! very soon!!!. I hope very very soon you´ll be perfect!!, and I agree with you, 300 units are so much, and for the next time, tell to your dr about the option to put a very low doses (??) in the bladder and more in your sphincter and pelvic floor

                Cindy!! I´m so happy for you!!, are you going to stay in Arlington??
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                  No I am not going to Arlington. I need to stay here and prepare for the ICU patient conference in October.



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                    Don´t forget to send me details because I want to looking for my sponsorhip


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                      The Houston Patient Forum is October 22, 2005 at the Hotel Derek. We are so excited that Dr. Robert Moldwin is going to be our keynote speaker. The details are at



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                        Re: Botox 4 weeks ago-my progress

                        How are you all Cindy and Flora doing with Botox? I am know having chronic pain in my vaginal know.
                        I have IC, the IBS, Heartburn, High bloodpressure,thyrod problems, depression and clorties pain.