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  • Self cath DME Post Botox

    I'm new to this site and I hope that someone can help me.

    I have MS. The meds I use to control bladder spasms are invoking an allergic reaction and doesn't always control continence. There is no alternative med available.

    I have been advised to have botox bladder injections. But, because the botox can work so well that a person can't empty the bladder at all I must be able to self cath.

    I am looking for a mirror whose handle snakes around the leg so that I can see what I'm doing. I have spent hours, days searching the web! I have been able to find a cath guide but not the mirror does anyone know of a location?

    Additionally, I'd like to locate a cath holder - as an extension from my hand to the catheter (short arms, large body, I'll be cathing from wheelchair or recliner.

    Any help will be greatly appreicated.


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    I wish I could help you, but I dont self cath, so I have no idea. I just wanted to tell you welcome and glad you found us..

    Im sure you will get more replys and maybe someone can help you...

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      I am looking for you now. If I find something I will post it right away. I am having some trouble locating the mirror but I do know for sure that there are catheters out there that are long enough for you to try using. Mine are 16 inches in length. You could try calling your doctor or a physical therapist to see if they have any ideas. I get all of my urinary catheters from a supply comany called Edgepark but there are tons of them out there. You could also try calling one of them to see if they have any ideas. Some of them have nurses to help aid in such situations. You could also look for an MS support group to see how they manage this situation. But I will keep looking in hopes of finding you something suitable. When I first started to learn how to catheterize my urethra, I taped a hand mirror to the toilet seat with duct tape. Maybe you could tape the mirror onto some part of the wheel chair or recliner. I will keep thinking for ideas as well.


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        Is that common?

        One of the urologists I go to said that sometimes the Botox works so well for IC that you can't go pee at all and have to self- cath. Well to me that's not much better than the other situation of having to go all the time! Is this common or is it just a possible side effect?


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          Update Botox Dme

          Thanks to those of you who replied.

          I was able to locate the mirror and purchase the mirror.

          But when I went back to my Urologist he indicated that because of my body habist (large) and mobility that we could try the Botox but in a suprapubic catheter so that in case the botox didn't work or worked too well that I would have a back-up in place without having to go back under general anesthia - I have sleep apnea and GERD so I have to be intibated with fiber optic to protect my airway. I will not have to self cath.

          He also tells me that I can use a valve on the cath so that I don't have to use a leg bag. MOST IMPORTANTLY I WILL ONLY HAVE TO EMTY BLADDER THREE TIMES A DAY!