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I need a list of docs who do Botox

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  • I need a list of docs who do Botox

    I had planned to start the Botox injections on March 21 in Tampa. My doctor just moved there. His new partner, who claims to specialize in IC, thinks he can walk on water. I have spent soo many hours on the phone with my insurance company making sure that the Botox was going to be covered that when I call the specialty pharmacy they recognize me by the sound of my voice.
    The problem is my doctor's nurse and my doctor's new partner. His nurse is a dingbat who cannot seem to schedule my surgery or pre-op appointments. I have left over a dozen messages reminding her to schedule my appointments and to send the prior approval form into my insurance company. This prior approval form takes ten minutes to fill out. My insurance company needed this form three weeks ahead of time so that they could ship me the Botox before my surgery. Well, this form hasn't been sent in yet and none of my appointments have been scheduled. I finally found out why nobody has called me back when I spoke to the receptionist this afternoon. She told me that I would not be able to get the Botox done on March 21 because my doctor's partner hasn't seen me yet. This is the first time I heard anything about being seen by this other doc. Why didn't my doctor or his nurse tell me I needed to see the other doc when I was in Tampa at the beginning of February? Anyway, I am beyond fuming mad. I'm not going back to see this doc. I have to drive seven hours in each direction to see him for a 15 minute appointment.
    Has anyone complied a list of doctors in the U.S. who know how to do the Botox injections? I don't actually need a list. If you know of a doc who does the Botox, please send me a pm or post a response.

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    I just had mine done friday, At Dartmouth in NH I know that doesn't help you out. Good luck, My insurance wouldn't cover the Botox itself. Where are you getting your botox from and how much does it cost? It seems to be helping me and I will probably have it done again in 6 to 9 months and need to find out how to get the botox on my own next time. I can use all the help I can get.
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      There is a docter that does the botox in Miami, Fl and his name is Dr. Angello Gousse. He is dooing a 3 years trails study there. If you what more information e-mail at [email protected]

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        There is a Doctor in Natick, MA that does Botox for IC Patients.
        PM me for details.

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