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Another Botox question...

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  • Another Botox question...

    So my botox experience was okay, but overall didn't make a huge difference. I'm thinking ahead to the next time I have it done since the amount of Botox used and number of injections can make a difference. Has anyone had experience with this? Did you see further improvement the second time around?

    He also said Interstim might be an option for me. However, a few months ago, he told me he wasn't a fan of Interstim in general. Now he is thinking that perhaps Interstim might be a viable option for me because urgency is really my problem and Interstim treats that. I understand his thinking, but at the same time, I've heard more negatives than positives when it comes to Interstim.

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    I just had my Botox done on Thursday and I seem to have had the same experience. Not much difference since then and I thought it was supposed to be a rather immediate effect. I am still in pain though, I suppose because my urethra is sp damn sensitive. But how long is it supposed to take before the Botox really makes a difference? I know the next step is Interstim but that just scares me. I don't want anything implanted in my body and I too have heard many negatives. My problem is also mainly frequency and urgency.


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      You are in my head! Ha! It takes about two weeks until you feel the full effects of Botox. My doctor used a very small amount to see how I would respond to it. I'm going to do it again when this wears off and use more botox with more injections.

      My gut tells me that Interstim is bad. I hear way more negatives than positives so I'm scared and want to see the Botox play out. What annoys me is that my doctor was against it at first. I cannot believe this is the best they can do. It sucks. I hope you feel better in another week.


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        Thank you

        I appreciate the response. It has just been a rough couple of days, and I am still in quite a bit of pain. And I'm just getting frustrated that it hasn't started working yet. I suppose I thought it would be an immediate effect, and I would be able to sleep. My doc was also hesitant, and didn't really want to do it. It took forever to get him to order the Botox and schedule the procedure.

        I am also quite afraid of the Interstim. I have always been hesitant to do that because it seems like SUCH an invasive procedure, and it seems so risky. But I think if this Botox doesn't work that that will be my last resort. And that is not something I am really psyched about.


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          The Interstim will not help with the pain. Botox injections might. The Botox clinical trial results have not been published yet so I can't tell you how many people experienced pain relief from the injections.


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            To be honest, if it even helps with the frequency or the urgency, that will be enough. That is my main problem and it is mostly at night so I tend to not sleep much which is very frustrasting and tends to disrupt my days.


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              I have actually never had any pain. My problem is urgency/frequency. I've spoken with people who say Interstim ruined their bodies. I just can't go there. I know there is the preliminary test and all, but it still scares me. I have been sleeping much better with the Botoz so that is something. It's a much deeper sleep.


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                Has your doc mentioned the URGERNT PC device? Treatments involve sticking a needle into the muscles near the ankle for 30 minutes once a week for 6 to 12 weeks. You will have to go to your doc's office to get the treatments. Studies have shown that the Urgent PC helps with frequency and urgency.


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                  No, I've never heard of it. I will definitely check it out. Thanks.


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                    I misspelled the device's name in my last post. It should be spelled Urgent PC. Here is a link for the website.