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  • Important Botox Question

    I just had my Botox done on Thursday. Not much difference since then and I thought it was supposed to be a rather immediate effect. I am still voiding several times during the night and have pain in my urethra because it's so damn sensitive. How long is it supposed to take before the Botox really makes a difference?

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    Botox can take up to 2 weeks to work.


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      Have you had success with it since you had it done? Or did you not see much of a difference?


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        I didn't get any relief from the Botox injections. I am probably going to start on CyA or CellCept at the end of May.


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          What is that?

          I have not heard of those. Are they pills or injections?


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            CellCept and CyA are immunosuppressants. They are available in pill or capsules. CellCept is being studied in a phase 3 clinical trial for IC. Immunosuppressants can be dangerous as they affect the function of your immune system. CyA can cause kidney failure. ICLori has experience with taking CyA if you want to talk to an IC patient who has tried CellCept or CyA. Most docs will only try CyA or CellCept in refractory IC patients. I am eligible for the CellCept study but I will not enter the clinical trial because the closest trial center would be a 24 hour drive for me.