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Hydro with Botox or just botox

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  • Hydro with Botox or just botox

    For those of you who have had multiple botox injections done and are successful. Do you have a hydro distention done each time or do they just do botox. This is a question that my dr and I are trying to decide for next time. I have had it only once. my bladder is small awake I can only hold 200cc at the most.
    I had good results this first time. frequencey went from 30 to 8. I am happy with this. It did take a good 3 weeks to heal since my bladder has a lot of cracks in it but I will do it again. I would like everything done the same way just so I have good results again. I am afraid to do just botox incase for me I need the both for good results.
    any advice from you all
    IC/IBS Hopeful : I had my bladder removed on September 29, 2008 for me but I am also so happy I have no regrets