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botox on Wednesday

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  • botox on Wednesday

    I'm having botox in my pelvic floor on Wedneday. My doc is doing it in the office. I've had enough anesthesia in the past few years and always end up with retention, so we decided to do it in the office. She plans on injecting about 300 units of botox. I'm very nervous about having this done while wide awake.

    Anyone with any tips or advice?

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    Gigi, how are you doing after your botox injection? I usually have 150 units put inside my bladder and it is done in the doctor office to.

    Deborah Bush
    I have IC, the IBS, Heartburn, High bloodpressure,thyrod problems, depression and clorties pain.


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      Hi Gigi,
      I too was wondering how your botox injections went and how you are doing.
      I am going to be trying it in the next month, along with physical therapy afterwards, and am interested in others experience. I hope you are doing well!
      - Sharon
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      Jan, 2012 - Dx'd with "centralized pain" by Dr. Joshua Prager, UCLA Pain Management. 3-day ketamine infusion, nearly pain-free!!! Bad news: Bladder flared as ketamine is known bladder irritant. Oct, 2012 - Pain pump trial on Dr. Prager's recommendation. Awesome results!
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