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Second round of botox

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  • Second round of botox

    I had my second round of botox today. I had great success with the first round, but it started to wear off at about seven weeks. I had the best decrease in pain that I've had in three years during those weeks so it was worth it to me to try again. I know some people get better and longer relief the second time around.

    I could tell she really got the right spots, and she listened to me when I told her what areas I felt would be helpful. She put extra botox in the areas that my physical therapist said remained stubborn spots.

    Even though I'm sore right now I'm hopeful that I'll get longer relief this time. If not my next option is Interstim which I'd rather not do.


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    Hi Gigi,
    How long did it take for the first round of botox to take effect? Also, did your bladder and urethra calm down too? Was it major relief, like you could go back to a fuller life, or was it the kind of relief where you aren't having to take pain meds and lay on the couch.d I had botox about 10 days ago. I thought I was feeling better but suddenly today i am in major pain. Could have been some crackers I ate, although there were no preservatives.
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    1995 - Original symptoms: urethral pain and knife in the left side of vulva. Dx'd with "urethral syndrome" 1997- Dx'd with IC (potassium test) by Dr. Lowell Parsons. Tried all "usual" IC treatments, Elmiron, Atarax, DMSO, heparin, lidocaine instillations. 2000- First hydrodistention by Dr. Daniel Curhan, classic IC glomerulations & mast cells. 2005 - 2nd hydrodistention by Dr. Christopher Payne, Stanford University; dx'd with "refractory" Interstitial Cystitis. 2006 - Dx'd with left pudendal neuralgia by Dr. Jerome Weiss, had two unguided nerve blocks, pain worsened. 2008 - Botox, unguided intravaginal blocks (*WARNING* risk of further damage) by Dr. Felicia Lane; PT with Julie Sarton. 2010 - PNE (Pudendal Nerve Entrapment) surgery, TG approach, by Dr. Michael Hibner. (FAILED) 2011- PNE surgery by Dr. A. Lee Dellon, frontal approach. (FAILED)
    Jan, 2012 - Dx'd with "centralized pain" by Dr. Joshua Prager, UCLA Pain Management. 3-day ketamine infusion, nearly pain-free!!! Bad news: Bladder flared as ketamine is known bladder irritant. Oct, 2012 - Pain pump trial on Dr. Prager's recommendation. Awesome results!
    Nov. 13, 2012 - Surgery to implant intrathecal pain pump, which has been a lifesaver! Success at last! Thank you Dr. Prager!