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  • What symptoms does botox help

    I just changed doctors and she mentioned botox as a possible treatment. My main problem is frequency. I do have pain but the frequency is what bothers me the most. She did check my trigger points and they were really sore. She is suppose to call me this afternoon and talk to me about our next step but I really want to find out more about this. What symptoms is botox normally used to treat?
    [COLOR="black"]Diagnosed:January 14,2008.
    Hydro:January 14,2008.
    Currently taking:Sanctura XR, Ultram 100mg, Ultracet or Percocet as needed for pain.
    Tried: Flomax, vesicare. Six Instills weekly, cocktail of heparin, lidocaine, AB and steroid also added DMSO. Following IC diet.Urgent PC/Tibial Nerve Stimulation Interstim Trial: Nov.3, 2008 Permanent Implant: Nov. 17, 2008

    Interstim Implant removed Nov. 24, 2009. Currently on Elmiron and doing PT every 5 months

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    I got botoxed almost three weeks ago. The botox was supposed to help with frequency for me. I have very tight muscles on my left side. My doctor botoxed along the left side of my vagina, across the left side of my back and into the pudendel nerve group. Basically all these muscles are connected, and they are tugging at the nerve that sends the signal to the brain that tells you when you need to pee. The botox is supposed to relax those muscles. So far it hasn't helped yet. It might be to early to tell. I had horrific pain the first week. My back wasn't too bad. I really felt like I was recovering from childbirth in my vagina! That pain has now subsided, but I am still having issues with frequency. I keep feeling like I have a low grade uti or possibly a yeast infection. I have my first follow up with the doctor next Tuesday, so I'll get checked out for those two things. I did not have any botox shot into the bladder. I did not have any problems with urinating or pooping. I did have some constipation issues due to pain meds, even though I was taking a stool softener. Now that I can walk around again, that seem to have resolved itself. I am meeting with a pelvic physical therapist in about 2 weeks to see if she can help with loosening up the muscles. So far I'm not impressed with the results, but I'll see how things wind up in the long run. Good luck to you.