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Botox bladder injections

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  • Botox bladder injections

    2 1/2 weeks post cystoscopy with botox. Mixed results. After 5 months of pelvic floor therapy with minimal results, my uro recommended botox injections in bladder wall. The procedure was performed in the hospital on a Wednesday. Afterward, I had the sensation of peeing through broken glass with very sharp pains. This lasted for 3-4 days. I also had very intense nerve pain when urinating. On Friday I began experiencing a delay in release when urinating. Saturday, I hosted a baby shower and found I could not urinate while having intense urges. This was very painful. After a couple of excruciating pain I was able to "go"!! Then I had bladder spasms follow. On Tuesday I went in to the doctor's office to be checked for retention. I had a residual amount of 128ml. I was told that was okay and told to use my vaginally suppositories and peridium.
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