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Intra-urethral Botox, or Botox to the Sphincter?

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  • Intra-urethral Botox, or Botox to the Sphincter?

    Hello, I was wondering how many of you have had Intra-urethral Botox or Botox to the Sphincter muscle of the bladder? I'm currently in the process of having to decide on whether to have the Interstim treatment or not, but I was also offered Botox as a treatment option. Initially this appealed to me as it doesn't require the same surgery and long term management as the Interstim, but after having read through people previous posts on here, I have seen a lot of people say that they have suffered from retention after the Botox. I already have problems with retention as I have a tight sphincter muscle which is causing obstruction. I have already made it clear that I could not self-catheterise, as when I have had previous Urodynamics tests done I was in agony and felt like I had period pain afterwards. So would people advise against this kind of treatment if they already have obstruction or retention problems?

    Thanks for reading and any replies in advance,