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Need info on finding a Botox Doc.

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  • Need info on finding a Botox Doc.

    When I opened the Botox forum thread I did not see any post. Or maybe they are older than 3 or 6 months and I don't know how to open them up.

    I was googling Botox for the bladder and it seems like it could be really helpful for pain, urgency, and frequency which are my symptoms.

    Have many of you tried this and did it give you any relief?

    Also, It seems like the bladder Botox Injections are fairly straight forward. With other procedures I have done a lot of research before trying a new procedure and doctor but I am exhausted with researching and traveling so far. Thought I may just go back to a urologist I have used in the past. I'm hoping someone can give me any advice on this topic. If the side effects are minimal and there is a descent chance of relief I am hoping to try it but also don't want to go in blindfolded and regret it.
    [SIZE="1"][SIZE="2"]Please send all private messages to [email protected]. I do not check my ICN mailbox much.
    24/7 Bladder Pain, Mild Urgency and Frequency. Always tired and fatigued. Trouble sleeping due to bladder pain and trips to bathroom.
    Alcohol(big time!), Soft drinks. Foods dont bother me.
    Current Supplements: None presently
    Conventional medications!!!!!: Nuerontin, Hydroxyzine, Elmiron, Tramadol
    Tried many other medications... will list later

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    Re: Need info on finding a Botox Doc.

    Hi there! I have had botox 4 times now. I had severe frequency of 60 times or more a day. It brought that number down significantly. Pain can sometimes be relieved with botox too but it is never guaranteed. I have had success with 2 out of my 3 botox procedures. I just had my fourth botox on Thursday so it is too early to tell if it will work. I am hopeful though. Botox has helped me to function somewhat normally again. It is worth the money for me.

    Current Meds:
    1 Elmiron 100mg 3x a day
    1 Cimetidine 300mg 2x a day
    4 Gabapentin 300mg 3x a day (3600mg)
    1 - 2 Atarax 25mg at bedtime
    1 baclofen 10mg 3x a day as needed
    200mg of Pyridium 3x a day (usually do in cycles - on for a week or two as needed) - I am very careful about this.
    2 belladonna and opium suppositories as needed for pain daily.
    Bladder instillations (Lidocaine, Heparin, & Sodium Bicarbonate)

    I have tried but failed -
    lidocaine instillations, heparin instillations, oxybutynin by mouth also called ditropan, tylenol 3s with coedine, cyclobenzaphrine, Ativan, vesicare, Oxytrol patches worked for 3 to 4 years and then failed, I tried Uracyst and had some success but my urologist felt that it was not successful so we moved on to trying something else. .


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      Re: Need info on finding a Botox Doc.

      Hi.. Did you ever try the botox for pain relief?
      I will discuss this with my uro soon - but I am so scared of the risk to self cath. Did you go through this?
      I have had IC since January 2015 and mainly with pain / burning / warm feeling in bladder / discomfort.

      Currently: Elmiron 4x100mg, LDN 4 mg at night, antihistamines

      Tried and didnt work:
      Meds; Uracyst, DMSO, Gabapentin, Cyclosporine A, Amitriptyline, hyperbaric oxygen chamber 40 x sessions, high dose long term antibiotics (8 months)

      Naturals; Colostrum, DH Aloe vera, acupuncture, MSM, Glocosamine, Homoepathic treatment, marshmellow root, chinese herbs, IALURIL, Gotu Kola, D Mannose.


      Please find a cure - so many are suffering