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Botox no longer works for me

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  • wizbe
    Interesting you say this! I have never had the same response from botox either time I have had it done.

    The first time I had it done, it worked well. Still lots of pain but it worked for frequency.

    The second time I did it, it didn't work at all. I suffered the worse 7 months of my life and ended up on disability.

    The third time my uro doubled the dose and it worked.

    The fourth time stayed at high dosage but had a bit of retention.

    The fifth time was not good either... the most I got was 45 minutes between voids and I felt that awful 'I need to pee BAD' sensation ALL the TIME.

    The sixth time (current) has probably worked the second best. Still doing instillations 4 times a week for pain BUT the botox works for frequency. It is almost wore off now and I have an appointment with my specialist this coming Friday.

    I haven't had the same response from the botox. It has been hit or miss. So out of 6: 1 was great, 2 was good, 1 was ok, 1 was bad, and 1 was horrible. I am hopeful that this next one will be great.


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  • marias
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  • marias
    started a topic Botox no longer works for me

    Botox no longer works for me

    Hi, I'm new in IC-Network. I would like to know if there is any research about Botox in long term patients using it. I loved it for almost 8 years using it for my strong urge to go. But the last 2 treatments I don't feel any help. Can your body reject or make antibodies for the botox?
    Is there any other time of Botulinum that can help since Botox is not helping me?