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This isn't about cyclosporine, but...

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  • This isn't about cyclosporine, but...

    I didn't know where else to post this, as it's totally experimental and there's no subcategory for it. Anyway, I have been following this biotech company TARIS (based in Lexington ma) for the past 6 months or so, and they have developed something called LiRIS (lidocaine releasing intravesical system)- google taris and liris and you will be able to read more about the product. Stumbling upon this (at least initially) was a lifesaver for me, as lidocaine always helped me tremendously- the problem was how short-lived the duration was. This new device can stay in the bladder and release lidocaine for weeks at a time. Unfortunately, it seems that of late I have developed a sort of intolerance to the drug (very disturbing and bizarre side effects to relatively low doses), but I imagine that many of you out there might react more positively to it, and it could make a huge difference for you. So I thought I'd pass that along. It's still in the early stages of clinical trials, but it's promising nonetheless.