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Cytotec trial for someone young- best way to approach?

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  • Cytotec trial for someone young- best way to approach?

    I've been spending some time on this forum, gathering responses to the medication Cytotec. I think I remember hearing about it several years back when I was newer to these forums.

    I understand there are a lot of options out there for someone with IC-- instillations, Elmiron, herbal aids like Cysta-Q, the IC diet, Physical Therapy, Atarax, Elavil --and at one time or another I have been on all these medications and tried all of these treatments (with the exception of Atarax and only having been on the IC diet for 2-3 weeks) and never seen anything I would call improvement. Still, I'm very interested in seeing if I am one of the people that Cytotec works for.

    Of course, I am also only 22. I know every doctor whom I bring this up to will instantly claim I am too young and too fertile to be on this drug.

    I would like some advice in how to approach it. Especially from the younger crowd who are on this medication, or at least those who are not past their child bearing years.

    I have read up on the risks and am unconcerned. I never planned on having children. Especially now with the health problems I will likely pass onto them, I'd rather not chance it. I know most, if not all, doctors and even those of you on the forum will insist I am too young to make that choice, but that is not what I am asking for. I'm asking for suggestions on how to get a doctor to let me try Cytocel for a month or two.
    24 years old
    Southern California - Ventura County
    Financial Analyst
    Not officially diagnosed - 7 years of symptoms
    Currently trying: Atarax, Physical Therapy (once a week)
    Mild symptoms
    Stretching a lot helps, but it's hard to get myself to do

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    Hi there,
    I'm 24 years old and was on Cytotec for 3 years for my IC. I was taking in in combination with Elavil. With the 2 combined drugs I saw approximately 50% pain relief. I had to stop taking all of my medications in October of 2009 because we decided to try to get pregnant. We started trying in November of 09 and by January 2010 I was pregnant. I miscarried in April/May of 2010 but I do not have any reason to believe it was from the Cytotec.