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Dexedrine/Dextroamphetamine help please!!!!!!

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    Hmmm I didnt realize there were non stimulant adhd meds, i will def look into that. At work today my hyperness and mind all of the place thing was not good so I took half of my dex (which are only 10mg per tablet) morning was okay so afternoon took second half, mine is the short acting one. By 230 the burning and urge to pee got worse. I mean I dont know if there is an adjustment period and I should give more of a chance but I am scared, the burning has been so bad. Are you on the generic version?? I was just so excited to try Dex do to it a. helping with ADHD supposedly helping with IC....................frusterating


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      Yes I am on the generic version of Dexedrine which is dextroamphetamine. I take the dextroamphetamine SR (long acting) and space them out and do 10 mg in the morning then another 10 mg mid afternoon. It might be worth looking into the long acting version - as slow actiing medications don't have as many "peaks and valleys" as short acting medications do because of their half life being longer. Not sure if you are on other medications as well for your IC. I know the Elmiron 200 mg am 100 mg in the after noon and 100 mg at bed time and 25 mg of Benadryl also assist quite a bit. For me the dextroamphetamine is what made everything else work better and got rid of my pain (the other medicine helped - just not good enough on its own). I would definitely look into adjunct medications if you are not on them already such as Elmiron as this is supposed to help the bladder lining. If the dextroamphetamine doesn't work for you on a long acting version then try something else for your ADHD / ADD. There are medications both on and off label that could help with this. I would work closely with your doctor(s) to determine a game plan. There are lots of creative ways to treat many things. Perhaps trying a medication with your afternoon dosage might help as well (not sure if you are eating food or drinking beverages that are causing some of the pain since the am dose doesn't seem to bother you). For example, I had to give up coffee or else I would have break through pain. Don't give up hope and good luck to you.


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        thank you soooo much for your time and advice very helpful!! I have given up all coffee I only drink water and have been trying to stick to the diet. But I am definatly going to look into the med situation as you've suggested. I truly appreciate you helping me



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          It may be a 1/2 of 5 mg at a time is just not enough to make a difference, usually dosage is 20 mgs per day.

          But having said that I use it because it reduces pain, but for me I think it reduces pain as it is the only med I have found to help with retention, it helps me go.

          So I assume from this that it may increase frequency.
          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.