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    I'm pretty new to this diagnosis so there's quite a few things I haven't tried. But I'm scared of taking Elmiron because of the side-effects, and antidepressants too because of the weight gain and fatigue sort of thing. I've taken dexedrine before (a friend gave me one for a study session...yes I know I'm bad ) and I know I am pleased with the effects, not only did I not have to pee so much but I felt so productive and full of energy! Do you have any advice for asking my doctor about dextroamphetamine sulfate, since doctors are probably reluctant to prescribe it? Especially since I'm young and in grad school, I'm scared she might think I'm just asking to abuse it (I've only had one appt so far, so she doesn't know how responsible I am! ) Would it help if I printed out studies, or do you guys think I really should try some other stuff before I go to this kind of medication?

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    If you are someone who responds positively to stimulants, you may want to ask your doctor about an antidepessant like Cymbalta. My doctor told me that antidepressants change the way the brain processes pain signals, so if you are worried about taking antidepressants that cause fatigue and weight gain I am told you won't have either of these effects from Cymbalta. It was suggested to me early on that I see a naturopath, because once you start down the road with prescription drugs it seems to never end. I am now taking more medications than my 67 year old mom with heart disease and I am only 49. I just want to get off of them now, so am seeing a naturopath for the first time since being diagnosed in August of 2011. Just sharing my own experience, am not a doctor, if your insurance will cover naturopathic medicine it might be an idea for you before you start on prescription medications. I wish I would have listened and tried natural medicine from the beginning. Will hope for the best for you and for all of us on the road to recovery and remission


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      Thanks a lot washingtonjen! That sounds like great advice and definitely something to look into. I'm only 23 and I'm already taking what seems like a ton of pills (but probably isn't a lot compared to a lot of other IC patients) so I totally see where you're coming from, and it is a scary thought thinking about having to be on prescriptions forever, I mean, what if I don't have health insurance anymore or something? I'll talk to my doctor about Cymbalta and talk to my nurse friend who knows a ton about natural medicine for any advice/referral. Thanks for your help