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    Hi everyone!
    just wanted to talk about something that I have tried after reading about it being able to naturally heal Ic.

    Cold pressed Celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach!

    I have been suffering from IC for over 4 months now which I got after a bad UTI. Every single day I have experienced bladder pains to the point of crying of helplessness. Frequent urination and sleepless nights.

    I was determined to start healing and willing to try anything to do so.. so along with trying to reduce stress, increasing probiotics and stopping the long term antibiotic my urologist had me on … the one thing I believe has made the most difference is celery juice. It may sound weird but it works. Since drinking this every morning on an empty stomach I have had considerably less pain and even some days where I have almost no pain at all. Which is amazing as I haven’t felt relief in 4 months. I highly recommend this natural remedy! Hope this helps!