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  • Urocit-K?

    Is anyone taking this? I was put on this back in January, and now I have spoken with 2 pharmacies in my area and both are saying their orders are back-ordered by the manufacturer and they may not be getting it in anymore. Has anyone heard this or had trouble getting their script for Urocit-K filled?


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    I read that urocit-k is potassium citrate used for prohibiting formation of kidney stones.
    Wouldn't the potassium make your pain and frequency worse?


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      I was prescribed for it, and in the past week, it I can definitely feel a difference. It has greatly reduced the burning and pain I was experiencing, since it's designed to reduce acid present in urine.

      I did not have any trouble filling my prescription at the pharmacy. I had it filled at CVS.

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        Thanks for the replies. Blondie- I don't know about the potassium- I haven't had any pain or frequency with the Urocit-K and my uro. is pretty top-notch with IC so I trust her with that. Poetgirl- I had trouble with getting it at CVS- let me know in the future if you have trouble, I would be curious.



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          I am finding GREAT SUCCESS in less than a week .I have less I don't get up four times or more nightly,,,maybe just twice...
          It neutralizes the acid in your urine..


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            I was just put on urocit-k today--liquid--I dont like that taste at all--YUK--however--my urine test strips measure way high in acid--urocit-k takes acid out of your urine--I was taking prelief--now im not sure that was the answer--anyways--my pharmacy called around cause they only had the pill form--urocit-k is a very old drug. Most pharmacys have to order it--in my case I have to have a pint and a half a week, 2 tablespoons 3 x's a day--only took about 12 hours and my pharmacy has it for me now--i dont quite know the best time to test my urine for acidy--best of luck and for me too --Cathy


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              I hope your drug store gets it in for you soon maybe try calling to another town near you. I know that is alot of trouble but if the doctor says you need it then you need to get it asap. if this still doesnt help call your doctor back and tell him the problem maybe he can give you something that is simlier to this.
              i havent personally never tried it. let us know what happens.
              sending you hugs and prayers
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              6. Klonopin 1 or 2 daily as needed.
              7. Prosed/DS as 1 every 6hrs as needed.

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                urocit K

                I just picked up my new prescription and read the insert and am really scared to try it! There are some potentially dangerous side effects. My uro never uses it for IC but I asked for it. Does anyone have any opionion?