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    Hi Guys, I was doing some research and stumbled upon a site where a doctor feels that IC is caused by a hormone imbalance, and has helped his IC patients by balancing these hormones. In particular he feels that most of us are allergic to the hormone progesterone, or some other hormone such as adrenalin..Anyway, I ws just wondering if any of you heard about this.

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    I did happen upon his site some time ago and read about his theory about progesterone. I found it interesting.

    I am wondering if progesterone isn't aggravating my IC. I am on the Ortho Evra patch for birth control and for regulating my fluctuating hormones (I'm 47), and am about to experiment with going off the patch (scary!) and lowering the amounts of both estrogen and progesterone that I am using, and see if my bladder calms down. It seems to do so on the week off the patch.

    Thanks for posting about this topic.



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      I am still convinced that my IC was a result of changing hormones. I was almost 40 and going through peri menopause at the time. Of course, when I suggested this to uros and my gynecologist they ignored me. Just because you are years away from menopause does not mean that your hormones are not changing. In my case, this is all I can connect it to. I had never had any pelvic surgeries or pregnancies and had only had one bladder infection that cleared up immediately. In the future, I hope doctors pay more attention to the hormone/IC connection in middle age women.


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        Hi, I am almost sure that hormones are connected in some way with IC. I had a terrible time with bleeding as well, as well as so much pain, and bladder troubles, before I was diagnosed, and it was so cyclic, my husband was sure something hormonal was going on as well. After I had a D and C, as well as other surgeries and my cysto/hydro, I was put on a different HRT patch, and my meds for IC and so far so good. I do take progesterone by mouth, and estrogen via the patch, lowest doses of each. Thanks for posting, hugs Iris. hat
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          I too feel that fluctuating hormones play a role in IC. However, in my case, I don't believe that it is related soley to the hormone progesterone. I had infertility problems, in part caused by the fact that my body never produced enough progesterone to maintain a pregnancy. My problems with IC started long before I was aware of this problem. Part of my infertility treatments involved taking progesterone injections daily, on certain days during each of my cycles, and it didn't affect my IC one way or the other.



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            Hi, OMG!! I TOTALLY agree with this! I have ALWAYS thought that it was a hormone thing! I'm so glad you guys agree too!

            I have asked and asked my doctor about this and all he ever says is that it's hard to "balance" your hormones....this isn't true is it? Obviously not, if this other doctor is helping his patients by balancing them.

            Does anyone know where I can read this article? I want to read it and take it to my doctor. I really feel this is the culprit ( at least for me ) I feel fine during my "monthly friend" and just before, but in between, I have little flares and don't feel as good. Anyone else notice that? Maybe on the flip side? Well, either way...I truly feel this is a hormone thing. So, if anyone could let me know where I could read this article, I would really appreciate it.

            Thank YOU!


            P.S. Here is my home email address; [email protected] THANK YOU!


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              That is very interesting. I have a hormonal imbalance and am on Ortho Evra to regulate my periods. I think my hormones are getting back to being balanced (I hope) but it's been horrible, weight gain, facial hair (GRRR) acne, out of control periods, ohh and the worst, going through a bunch of deoderant, breast tenderness. It was such a mess. After I started on Ortho Evra I had the acne, deoderant, and breast tenderness mess begin. I told the gyn and she said that was a big indicator that things were definitely out of whack, although I had a hormone blood test run and had found estrogen to be high, testosterone low, and pituitary high. All my hormone troubles began within a month of my IC...

              But just picture this, never a zit in high school, I'm 21 now and I'm getting acne so bad I had to have prescription cream. Thank God for that stuff, now my skin is going back to clear!

              Thanks for the interesting find!!!!

              Hugs and love,
              Jess grouphug
              Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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                While I do know that hormone fluctuations effect our IC, I have to wonder if it has a part in causing IC. Sometimes I think it must, but if hormones are the cause, how about the little children who get IC. It's a puzzle --- maybe one day we'll have the answer.

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                  Hi!I have just been recently diagnosed and I feel sure that IC and hormones are related.I am 44 years old and symptoms started for me about 3 years ago. The symptoms have not gotten worse, only appear more often (but so do my periods!).I have been prescribed Elmiron and Imipramine (haven't started either yet) and am anxious about taking them. Has anyone had experience with mild symptoms and has found that by taking the drugs they do control their symptoms? Thanks for your support!


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                    I hope I don't jinx my daughter by this reply. She is 21 weeks pregnant and has been in remission since her 2nd trimester started. She is eating everything, spaghetti sauce, pineapple, strawberries, etc. with no bad effect (so far). Why haven't researchers looked at pregnant women to see what hormone or whatever happens while pregnant and try to duplicate it for a treatment.


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                      There are some people who have controlled their IC with Elmiron and another med like Elavil or Atarax or something like that. Or just Elmiron and diet. It's so individual, but two people that come to mind are Alexa and VM. Hunt them down and ask them how they did it lol, I know they both controlled their IC with Elmiron.


                      Some women do experience remissions while pregnant, but unfortunately there are just as many who do not. IC is so unpredictable. On a lighter note, congrats on the grandchild! Hope your daughter stays in her remission.

                      Hugs and love,
                      Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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                        Thanks, Jess.

                        October: I had mild symptoms and Elmiron in combination with a few drugs helps me feel pretty normal most of the time. In fact, I can really eat anything I want now if I don't go overboard with it. And sometimes I can go overboard and am OK. I used to really, really have to watch what I ate for quite some time.

                        You can click on the link below my name to read my story. It's a little outdated now, but it gives you some idea. Also, PLEASE PM or e-mail any old time, OK? kissing

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                        I've been virtually symptom free and able to eat & drink whatever I'd like for about 8 years now.


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                          Hi October,
                          I am another one that can control their IC with Elmiron and another med or two. I use Elmiron with Hydroxyzine and Detrol for flares. I also watch my diet. I hope you can find something that works for you. Hugs, grouphug


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                            Hey, just a note about acne. I had acne from age 10 til I was 27 & started using Proactiv (that infomercial acne skincare system). Haven't had a problem since

                            I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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                            -Managing stress= VERY important!
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                              I've read that all too and found it interesting. Unfortunately, like eveything else in this dang disease, it's all so independent of everyone else. I don't even have any "female plumbing" left, hence I don't make estrogen so that's not a problem. I really haven't struggled too much with the whole lack of estrogen anyway.

                              I'm sleepy..gotta go...
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