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Algnonot products vs. Cysta-Q

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  • Algnonot products vs. Cysta-Q

    HI all,

    I haven't tried either Cysta-Q or the Algonot products and I'm wondering if anyone who has can tell me how they responded?

    Also, what is the difference between these as they both seem to focus on Quercetin?

    I'm quite skeptical when it comes to these types of treatments & don't want to throw away money or more importanly, be taking more meds (even though "natural") without really considering it.

    I know Algonot is backed by Dr. Theo...but still..

    Any thoughts?
    Thanks & best to all,

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    Actually I just got off the phone with the algonot people. I order a 4months supply of the cysto-protek. The supplement that is alledgedly for IC.

    I don't know if it will work, but with this kind of pain I'll try anything. They have a money back guarentee so the risk is small. That's a plus side.

    Right now it's buy 3 bottles get 1 free.
    I'll keep you all posted.

    Wish me luck!


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      I really wish you luck, I too have ordered the 4 pack,
      I hope I notice some results,
      I too also live near chicago, could it be something in the air that caused us to get IC?
      hang in there lets hope this works


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        I would recommend to you cystoprotek by algonot

        they have more and better ingredients in my opinion

        take care


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          You can read more about Algonot (and order too) at the IC Network Shop

          I hope this helps.

          Warm hugs,
          Stay safe

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            The algonot cystoprotek pills are ACIDIC. I squeezed one out on my litmus paper (I know, how sad) and it was less that 5.5.

            I was on cystaq for 2 years. I don't know if it helped but it didn't hurt me like cystoprotek.