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  • Question Re: Tens

    I have a tens unit that is broken at the moment, and need to send it back in and get another. I am confused however, as to where you put the leads to reduce IC pain, pelvic pain, hip pain, spasms, etc.

    I use it for back/hip pain that radiates from my spine from degenerative disc disease.

    I got it from PT but became unable to go anymore because of $$ and paying copays, even though the pt was helping me a lot. I miss it. I even got a lovely treat at the end, laying on a hot, moist pad on my back for 30 minutes. I'd walk out feeling like I'd had a massage and spa treatment.

    Anyway, any advice as how to use it if I can fix it or trade it in. I also saw that someone was offering one for sale. I might buy it. Rather, hubby might buy it lol.

    Thanks, Sandy