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    Just one ICer who wants to share that my bladder does not tolerate Mucinex. However, I can take the prescription guafenesin and aquatabs (which is another RX namebrand for it). There is just something in the Mucinex that makes me hurt after just one tablet.

    However, GREAT advice on this list. I have such bad sinus congestion that my hearing is impaired in my right ear. The doctor said the pressure was distorting my eardrum. Fun. I feel awful. Doc had me doubling my clarinex and zyrtec and trying Nasonex RX spray. Four days of the spray and my bladder is screaming!

    However, I'll try the kettle idea, the saline, the humidifier, get my aquatabs script renewed and heat up some facial pads. Somewhere in there it's gotta help, right?

    Laura D. in Florida

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    IC since 1994: primarily utilize herbal/natural treatments due to intolerance to many medications. Daily: Marshmallow Root Tea, Hormones, Cystoprotek, Desert Harvest Aloe Vera, Claritin, and relatively strict adherence to IC Diet.


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      That's the spirit!


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        nasal congestion

        My congestion in mostly nasal and my dr and <i discussed a surgery that makes the nose holes bigger (inside) I may go for it. Right now I'm on singulair and Astelin, I also use breath right nasal strips (no side effects!)sometimes...saline works to "move things"
        I{m curious to see any homeopatic thing that works. Sometimes my right nose is totally blocked and my ear starts hurting b/c of the pressure.
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        Current IC medications:
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