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Thyroid Medication and IC

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  • Thyroid Medication and IC

    I've been diagonsis with moderate IC for about a year now. I also have pre-diabetes, take meds for depression, and have recently been diagonsised with hypothyroidism.

    My doctor wants me to take something for the hypothyroidsim. He wants to go real slow since I'm a tiny girl (5'1" and 104lbs.) and it only takes a small amount of meds to work for me. My doctor wants to start me on synthroid at half of the smallest dose which I believe is like 20mg or something, so 10mg. I will be watching my depression and making sure I don't go into a big state of anxiety and stop sleeping again.

    I guess my question is this, I believe I read somewhere that thyroid meds can cause my IC to flare. Is there any validity to this? If so what are some of the alternative thyroid meds-besides synthroid I could take? I just want to prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised when nothing bad happens.


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    I think your doctor sounds very sensible! I don't think you will find a problem starting on that low dose. Levothyroxine/synthroid is simply the thyroid hormone which your body is no longer producing enough of.

    The medication takes a while before you notice an improvement, and I would hope that your depression and anxiety ease off too once you are on a balanced dose.

    I hope you will be pleasantly surprised, but monitoring it with your doctor can only be a good thing.


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      The dosage will probably be in micrograms, not milligrams...I've taken 15 micrograms (or .15 milligrams) of synthroid for decades, and it doesn't affect my IC.


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        no problem here

        I take natural thyroid that is compounded and I have no problems!



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          thank you

          Thank you for all your help. Hopefully everything will go well and I won't have any problems. I'll keep updating you all on my progress.