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i have a cold

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  • kadi
    Some IC-ers can use commercial broths, get one without MSG. For me, though, onion powder or onions are a huge trigger, so I can't use any commercial broths. I've not found any yet without onion. If you find one, let me know, ok?

    I usually just boil a piece or two of chicken with carrots, celery & a little salt. It doesn't take long - about 40 minutes. And if I make a big pot, I freeze the extra.

    I feel like I'm catching a cold too Hoping to fight it off. I'm nearly out of sick leave for the school year and it's only March! I've never seen so many sick students at school as this year. Feel like I'm teaching in an ER, with so many kids coughing, sneezing, wheezing. And why do people teach their children to sneeze into their hands?!! Yukk. I've never said, "Elbow sneeze, please." so often in my life. My students think the correct response to a sneeze now is "Bless you. Purell."

    Anyhow, hope we all feel better soon!

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  • tigger_gal
    I sucked it up and did nyquill.. the flair wasn't to bad but I could sleep,

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  • kadi
    Cold Remedies

    Here is what I did for my last cold!! (I tried everything I could think of, I felt so sorry for myself!!!)

    Ricola throat drops were ok for me (no artificial colors)-only one or two a day though
    Luden's Honey Licorice Throat Drops (no problem at all)
    BreatheRight nasal strips (to peel nostrils open!) Found some with Vicks right in them.
    VaporShot cup with effervescent tablets to drop in hot water & make humidifier type steam you can carry with you. (looks like a latte cup, careful not to drink!)
    Johnson's Soothing Vapor baby wash (eucalyptus & menthol in baby body wash)
    Shower Soothers fizzy disks to put in the bottom of the shower to make menthol steam
    Hot steam vaporizer by the bed
    Homemade chicken soup
    Hot pear juice with honey (very soothing for sore throat & cough)
    Massaging my sinuses (forehead & cheeks) to relieve pressure.
    Very long hot showers
    Warm compresses on sinuses
    Vicks on chest & throat (The BabyRub one is gentler)
    Vaseline on lips & under nose to ease rawness
    Rinsing nose out with Simply Saline - reduces nasal congestion
    Mucinex to reduce chest congestion

    Feel better soon!!

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  • ICNDonna
    Having a cold is tough enough without adding IC. About the only thing I can take for a cold is the generic for Chlor Trimeton. I get it at Costco.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Warm healing thoughts,

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  • lovely330
    started a topic i have a cold

    i have a cold

    hey everyone, i wasnt sure where to ask this question....but what are some IC friendly things to use while i have a cold? i read something that said to stay away from vitamin c. should i drink more water? what about cold medications?

    thanks for any going on vacation on saturday for a week and i need to get over this cold QUICK!!!