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    Can you please tell me if there are any muscle relexants that do no increase your hunger or cause weight gain?
    Formerly lorenab

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    There are several. I prefer hyoscyamine.

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      muscle relaxants

      I take Flexrill with no problems.


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        I take Zanaflex and havent had that problem with it. I have taken Flexeral and Soma in the past and havent had that happen with them either. Good luck, hope you find something to help!


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          I"m taking Flexeril 10 mg, also, with no problems, except that it makes me very sleepy. I preferred Valium 2 mg.


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            I'm with the popular vote (Flexeril/Cyclobenzaprine) Honestly, I think the anti-depressants make me put on more weight, than all other meds combined!
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              what is the generic name for flexeril? I am from Australia, I can not find flexeril.
              Formerly lorenab


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                I am not sure what the generic name is of it. But, another one that several take is Skelaxin. I have tried it too, but the Zanaflex worked best for me. I take 4 mg 3 times a day. Hycosamine is also one I use, since it is an ingrediant in another one of my meds, Urimar-T.

                Hopefully, one of the ladies who takes the Flexerill (sp?) will be able to tell you the generic name.


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                  Amy do you know the generic name for zanaflex?
                  Formerly lorenab


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                    flexeril generic is cyclobenzaprine. I take 20 to 30 mg a day. I haven't had it make me feel hungry.
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                      I've only been able to take 10 mg Flexeril at makes me so sleepy. I see you take up to 30 mg a day...did the sleepy side effect wear off after continued use?
                      I'm probably going to have to ask for 5 mg tabs, since the ones I have aren't scored, so I guess they're not supposed to be split.