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Ditropan & wetting pants

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  • Ditropan & wetting pants

    Hey ladies, this is kinda embarrasing but has anyone taken Ditropan and then started wetting your pants?

    I started taking 5mg 3 times a day and immediately noticed that I would sometimes wet my pants.

    Now, let me describe how this would happen. It ONLY happened after I had peed & I would stand up to pull my pants up and then I would feel the wetness. So I realized it only would happen when I STOOD UP after peeing. So since I'd already gone, it wasn't much that would come out. Enough to wet my panties but not enough to actually soak through my pants.

    What gives?

    I took the Ditropan for a few weeks and felt a benefit but I didn't want to wet my pants obviously. And wearing pantyliners just doesn't seem cool year yound. So I stopped taking it.

    Once I stopped the drug I stopped the wetting. So I'm convinced it had to do with the drug but my doctor said, "that's not possible." But she's not a urologist so I don't know if she really knows.

    Any ideas??
    Lee Ann
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    It could be because Ditro is a muscle relaxant for the bladder (my real "technical" description there, lol) - to help with the contractions and sudden urge feelings as well as spasms etc. I would give my doc a call and let them know what's happening, maybe a lower dose is in order or a different medication!!

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      Sometimes the bladder has a small amount of residual urine and standing up re aligns the plumbing and it comes out. This is actually not a rare condition and a lot of docs tell their patients to pee, stand up, sit down and wait for the last spurt.


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        I was thinking along the lines of what traceann said - maybe it relaxed things a little too much. Is a lower dose available or is that it? Have you tried Detrol?

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