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    I also have heated seats in my truck. I use it all the time. It is great for long trips. My husband rigged the command start so that I can preheat them on cold days. That is great because we have very long winters. The ice is just coming off our lake while the pussy willows are going to seed. Just the beginning of spring here.
    Interstitial Cystitis: Elmiron and Hydroxyzine
    Depression/Anxiety: Remeron, Cipralex and Clonazepam

    *tried instills for nearly a year, had a break then started again for about 4 months...discontinued due to no improvement and increased flares
    * 2 hydrodistentions :

    * currently on "Nabilone" for pain management

    Taken the following:
    Gabapentin no relief but could tolerate it
    Lyricano relief but could tolerate it
    Cymbalta severe depression/anxiety etc.
    Topamax severe nausea and weight loss
    Oxycodone: I could tolerate if I used it for flares only...not for extended use due to constipation

    What helps IC: yoga/meditation are my current treatments along with chiropractic and pelvic physiotherapy and acupuncture

    Other conditions...
    Vulvadynia (amytriptaline cream - no longer using to to irritation)
    Severe IBS
    Chronic Sinus pain (nasal rinse as need)
    Lower back and sacroiliac joint disfunction

    Allergies: Erythromycin, scents and detergents


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      I seriously live on my heating pads. 1 in bed, 1 on couch, heated seats in my Tahoe. (always on-summer winter it don't matter)
      Does anyone get discolored skin from so much use?? Yes, I keep it hot. If I don't the pain just gets too bad.


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        My abdomen is all blotchy. my physical therapist said I am making the heating pad too hot, my dermatologist said that this is something that would have happened anyway. I have always had the same blotches on my hands and inner upper thighs. The blotches are much darker on my abdomen.
        I was born with one ureta not attached to it's kidney, I've been poked and prodded for so long. I never had "private" parts. I had constant infections and took low dose preventive antibiotics into my teens.

        DX with IC July 1993 after seeing 3 different Uro's and finally switching Primary care doctors and affiliated hospitals.

        I have 2 beautiful daughters, the oldest has been in heaven since she was 14 when she was hit by a car The youngest is 20 now. She has had one UTI. She went into complete panic that she would end up like me. Now she has some idea of what the pain is like. Poor kid has been forced to know where every bathroom in Disney World is.


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          I can only use a heating pad on my belly gets so sensitive to touch, I can't tolerate the heat there. So I use cold packs on my belly and between my legs, and heating pad for the back. I have a heating pad that shuts off automatically, but too soon! I'm going to try to find the one that shuts off after 3 hours.


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            I use a hot water bottle. Nothing like it.