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    I don't know where to post this, but I guess its an alternative therapy... I was wondering if any of you have used poise pads? I am so grossed out and embarrassed by asking this... but are the pads specifically just for leaking or are they ok for all out incontinence? I don't have a problem with incontinence normally, but I'm going on a 9 hour car ride on Thursday and I want something on for protection just in case we're stuck in traffic and crawling to the nearest rest stop. We'll be on I-95 going north through NYC and by Boston too... which are two really heavily trafficked areas. When I get the urge (esp. on the road) I can not usually hold it more than 5-10 minutes... so, I'm looking for something I can wear where I can just GO if no bathrooms are available.


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    I know it's embarassing, but we've all been there. Or most anyway. I would say the Poise pads wouldn't be the proper thing because of leakage issues. More likely the Depends underwear or something like that.

    I'll share. I had one day where I'd had retention for several days, and then just sitting in the car I finally could go. So I did. Embarassing yes. Do I know others here can relate or at least not judge? Definitely! But anyway, that's how I know the Poise pads won't be enough. I had to do alot of cleaning in my car and go into WalMart to buy new clothes since I was an hour from home. *sigh*
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      I posted something on this topic awhile ago myself. I have to say, I use them all the time now! The Serenity pads are good also. If I'm going on walks or riding in the car I wear them, because it just gives me enough peace of mind that if I HAVE to go, I can. For me they are helpful because when I do go, I only go alittle anyway, so the pads are good for that. I mean if you really have to go alot they probably won't help as much, but for just alittle to atleast help with the pain, they help. Are you traveling by yourself or with other people? Because another idea if you can do this, is bring a plastic cup with you for an emergency or get the travel johns in the IC store. I've gone in the cups when I was desperate and it works. Hey, we have to do what we have to do right? So plan ahead and hopefully then you won't feel too stressed about the drive, I know it helps me.


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        I've used all product's but find Tenna the best for me .I't has a cotton like cover that is gentle ,And I find it does not cause any irritation, As I'm very sensative as we all are there.
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          Hmm, would one of the big Kotex overnights be enough? Not sure myself.

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            You might think about something like the "Travel John" (available in the ICN Shop) instead of planning to urinate into depends or a similar product. If you wear a loose fitting skirt, the travel john can be easily used in a car as long as you're with just family. I doubt that any kind of pad, including the kotex overnights would absorb enough liquid quickly enough to prevent leaking.

            Also --- be careful using pads with deodorant --- they can be extremely irritating.

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            I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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              i've been wondering the same thing. i have def used cups while stuck in traffic! thank god for tinted windows and understanding husbands. if i'm in the middle of nowhere i have no problem pulling over and going on the side of the road, broad daylight or not, i figure that when the speed limit in colorado is 75 miles an hour no one can see too much of anything if i'm just off the highway on an exit road.
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                If your going protection I suggest Depends Underwear. (The pull-on kind). They are whole lot more absorbent than pads. I have to wear them most of the time because incontinence is one my main MS symptoms. IC is compounding the problem even more. Good luck on your trip.

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                  I too would suggest the Depends full cover underwear. I bought some Poise pads just in case for a field trip. I tested with some water how much the stick on pads could hold, and the water spilled over the sides if the pad got too full.

                  I know the Depends underwear works because when my mom was home with alzheimers, we had to use Depends on her and didn't have a problem with leaking.

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