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  • CellCept-new med ??

    Has anyone heard of or tried CellCept immune suppression drug before? Normally it's prescribed for tranplant patients. My rheumatologist prescribed it today in hopes it would knock down my immune system and lower my antibody levels. (He still can't decide my dx, lupus, sjogrens, mixed connective tissue disease...) He told me it's not nearly as toxic as CyA but the insert the pharmacist gave me is 35 pages long and scared me to death!! The side-effects are incredible!! He is also calling my IC an
    auto-immune injury to the bladder, never heard of that one before. I know in the past when I've been on Prednisone my bladder improves so I'm guessing there must be some connection there.

    I would really like to talk to someone who's had experience with this med before I start taking it, will definitely talk to my rheum about it before I start, but first hand patient experience is always a plus.