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Trying Topamax to the mix

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    Tig hon, there are even studies now showing it's efficacy for IC. Can someone help find something so that she can take it to her doctor? It works wonders, and maybe we could send you some letters or something?

    I know it would help you out hon, I wish there was something I could do. Even my mom ( who doesn't have IC ) asked her doc for it for weight loss or something and she got it right away!


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      I just noticed that you list being mom to your kids, furbabies, and also your husband Rick. That's so cute!


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        you know I emailed him and sent him the link to this thread, but, don't know if he got the email, you know how it goes to the office and god knows who may get it and it may get lost. or he may have replied and it went in my spam and I missed it. I will do some research and go and talk to my reg md.
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          Thanks Moonheart,
          You know men really never grow up and need just as much mothering as the kids do.


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            Well, I started the Topamax, 50mg. I feel a bit weird! I wish he would have started me at 25mg.(I'd like to hal the pill but the package insert says not to) I don't have any pain but not sure I like how I feel. I had a panic attack last night after I took it, also I have a slight headache and just generally sick feeling. The pharmacist said it would take a few days to adjust. I don't know if I will be able to stand it a few days. Has anyone else started out at 50mg? Just wondering if anyone is feeling any side effects. -vicki
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              Vicki, the weird feeling did go away within a few days. It wasn't a bad feeling kindy a slight tingly feeling that I had.