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prosed ds?

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  • littlemyrn
    I had my hydro on Thurs. and she gave me the same drug. I found some relief from it for the first two days and then yesterday, I was in sooo much pain, thought of going to ER, so I stopped taking it and today felt better, not good, still recovering from hydro, but not the intense pain. I hope we hear from some others who have tried this.

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  • mom_in_ma
    started a topic prosed ds?

    prosed ds?

    My urologists office gave me some samples of Prosed ds the other day for pain. Tried it today and found a bit of relief. But, I've been reading about it and it seems that there is an antiseptic portion of the drug that needs acidic urine. Now, logic tells me that this isn't good. Anyone have feedback on prosed ds?