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Is Cystex safe to take???

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  • jjt001
    I used to take it before I was diagnosed because I liked the idea that it had antibacterial agents AND it didn't change the color of your urine. Unfortunately, it didn't really help me at all. AZO and Uristat (the other OTC bladder analgesics) helped me more.

    Once I was diagnosed I got Pyridium, Prosed and Urised. I liked the Prosed best of those, but have had trouble getting it. Luckily with the Elavil I don't need a bladder analgesic often, I prefer the Urised to the Pyridium (I have both in my cupboard) but it sometimes gives me some stinging.

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  • jen74
    started a topic Is Cystex safe to take???

    Is Cystex safe to take???

    I think I am coming down with a UTI and my hubby went to CVS and bought me this stuff called cystex. It is a bladder analagesic with a antibacterial agent also. The ingrediants are 162.5mg of sodium salicylate for pain and 162mg of methenamine an antibacterial agent to control infection. I was just curious if anyone else tried this and if so how was it, did it help? Thanks.