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Neural Therapy Injections?

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  • Neural Therapy Injections?

    I wasn't sure which category exactly this treatment fell under so I put it here....

    I have had a problem with severe pain in my left shoulder for three years, have been to dozens of doctors including neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and even tried chiropractors and massage therapy and nothing helped, and no one could find anything wrong after lots of testing, basically I get told either it is all in my head, I'm not really in pain but just a drug addict, or sent home with a pile of prescriptions for pain pills. I ended up in the ER on Monday afternoon because I ran out of pills and my doctor couldn't prescribe me any more narcotics because the clinic she works at puts a limit on them.

    I ended up with a doctor who took one feel of my shoulder, and said he knew exactly the thing. He told me he wanted to try neural therapy injections. He injected lidocaine every couple of inches on both sides of my spine from the base of my skull down to my lower back. It is two days later and I am nearly pain free in the shoulder that before would put me in agony if I didn't constantly take pain meds and avoid using it. I'm going back tomorrow for another round.

    I was researching the treatment online and saw on some lists of conditions it is used for "irritable bladder". I've been taking oxybutinin as needed for my IC but the side effects are very annoying and I'm wondering if maybe these injections would be a nice solution for me. I couldn't find a lot of information really on them being used for the bladder and the doctor who treated me is not really a bladder expert...has anyone here had this done or know anything about it? It would be great if I could get this doctor or my regular doctor to maybe do this for me, as the only urologist available to me speaks almost no English, doesn't believe in IC and was a real jerk to me and my husband the one time I had an appointment there, he didn't want to see us because he's Muslim and my husband is the local a urologist is completely out of the question, since I am unable to travel anywhere else to see one.

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    My friend has had neural therapy, which involves subtucaneous injections of procaine. They have been a lifesaver for the pain, although,so far, they haven't been long lasting.