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Anyone tried Ovestin cream?

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  • Anyone tried Ovestin cream?

    Hi there,

    My GP gave me a script to try ovestin vaginal cream. It's an oestrogen cream, may help with the burning, which is my WORST symptom by far. If I can get that under control, life would be so much better. Very little helps stop a flare apart from lying down. My bladders the worst it's been ever at the moment, mostly due to sex irritating it. I'm single now so that's out of the question, but I want another relationship again one day.

    Anyway, has anyone tried this or similar creams and had any success? I'm currently on Tegretol which has helped somewhat, but not enough that I feel confident to work or spend a day outside. I'd have to go off the tegretol as well as the two can interfere with each other. Hormones do effect me alot, I get worse just before and during my period. Though being on birth control has no effect on the pain. Wondering if it's worth a shot. Any input would be appreciated.

    Thank you!
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