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  • Steroids!!!!

    I was diagnosed with IC in 2008. At the time I lived in Southern California. I couldn't find any urologist to help me. All I got was "Change your diet"! Luckily I did find a pain management doctor to help me at least get through my days taking care of an infant. In March of 2010 I moved back to my home town, St. Louis, and immediately looked for a pain management doctor. She knew of a urologist here that specialized in my condition and sent me to him. The first visit with Dr. Carl Klutke, on a Thursday, he looked into my bladder and told me he could fix me. I couldn't believe it! What! After 2 years of dealing with this horrible pain it only took a 5 minute doctor visit to find out someone could help me. I was scheduled for surgery that following Monday. Right, the following Monday! Dr. Klutke went into my bladder and shot steroids all over it. It appears that I also had Hunter's Ulcers. I woke up in no pain! NO PAIN! It was so surreal! I was beginning to except a life of pain but in an instant it seemed in time I was healed. He did tell me that it is a possibility that the pain could come back in a year or two but I am thinking optimistically. The worst part was detoxing from the pain meds. It took a month! Now I know how I crack head feels!! I never want to be on pain meds again and because of Dr. Klutke I never will. He can do the procedure as many times as I need it! So far so good! I feel like a new woman!!! Look him up on the internet. Dr. Carl Klutke