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Anyone flare when coming off Lyrica?

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  • Anyone flare when coming off Lyrica?

    I have taken Lyrica on and off for the last couple of years. I was initially prescribed it for insomnia, and I think it also helped with my bladder pain, which is brutal frequency acid wash with glass shards moving around in there type of pain.

    I have gained around 20 lbs over the last 3 years even though I have been working out. I quit Lyrica once before because I though I should try to wean off my meds, I was feeling great, and lost 17lbs in just over a month. ^ months later my insomnia was ridic again and so I went back on, didn't notice to much difference in my frequency, a little worse. Weight is back on and sleep horrible so thought I would stop again, weaned down to 25mg then stopped and now I'm hurting.

    Has anyone flared from quitting Lyrica?

    If you were on Lyrica and gained weight, how long did it take to lose?

    I wonder if I'm flaring because I'm running lots and using the stair climber? I usually stick to the weights, but this weight is sticking and diabetes is not a good trade off.

    Thanks for anything anybody can offer.