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Weight gain with Lyrica/ Luck with Cimetidine

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  • Weight gain with Lyrica/ Luck with Cimetidine

    I had really great success using Lyrica for my IC, but it caused weight gain even though I was working out lifting weights, doing cardio and yoga and hiking. I am wondering if anybody else has used Lyrica and if it worked, as well and if they gained a lot of weight with it regardless of what they did to prevent it. I'm off it now and getting this weight off is impossible, and I used to have to try to gain weight before I took it. It seems to cause irreversible weight gain, not just regular weight gain.

    So now I'm in a flare and am trying Cimetidine. Has anybody used that and had success? How long did it take for you to feel better?

    Blessings to all.

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    Some people do find it helps. I haven't heard too much about it recently.

    Stay safe

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      I take Zantac which is also an acid reducer and have for a long time now. I haven't noticed it helping with bladder irritation or frequency or pain with my IC.


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        partners, how much lyrica were you taking? Just curious. Did it help with pain and frequency, and that "awareness" of the bladder 24/7? I am up to a whole 50 mg at bedtime now; I started at 25 mg and liked the lower dose a lot better! I awoke this morning feeling dizzy and irritable from the 50 mg. So far it has done nothing for my bladder, just a little for my vulvodynia. It's been about 5 days now.


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          Yes, the Lyrica seemed to help but ONLY if I spent time doing deep breathing relaxation exercises as well. I could go hours and hours without the need to pee. My bladder capacity was almost 2 cups at one point, I was amazed and there was no pain, first time in over a decade.

          I've been off Lyrica for months now, and haven't felt as good, but finally lost the weight I gained and could not get rid of. As well, I no longer have anal fissures from the devastating constipation that I suffered from the Lyrica regardless of the docusate, suppositories and high fiber diet I followed.

          If Lyrica did not cause the ridiculous weight gain I would use it for sure, if I could prevent the constipation. If the pain returns to the point I can no longer work I will reconsider it again.