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  • Desmopressin?

    Does anyone here have any experiences with taking desmopressin for severe nocturia?

    I've been taking 0.4mg for about two weeks now, and I think it has helped a little...on some nights. I still have really terrible nights where I spend 5 hours awake in the bathroom, but on the nights it has worked I've been able to sleep for at least 4 hours at a time. I've read most people experience about 50% improvement in nighttime frequency.

    I know it's not a medication that's usually used for IC, but my doctor is willing to try almost anything with me at this point. The side effects CAN be pretty severe (seizures, muscle spasms, low sodium levels) but so far I haven't experienced even the milder side effects.

    Does anyone else have experiences taking this med?
    28 y/o female

    Bladder Symptoms:
    Severe urinary urgency/frequency with no bladder pain; severe urethral spasms (3x 'normal' pressure). Symptoms began in 2009.

    Failed medications:
    Ditropan XL (severe retention); Hyoscyamine (made bladder spasms worse); Marshmallow Root; D-mannose; Pristiq; Cymbalta; Lyrica; Nortryptaline; Prelief; Enablex; Baclofen; Ativan; Myrbetriq, Valium Vaginal Suppositories; Amitryptaline; Hydroxyzine

    Failed treatments:
    IC Diet (diet does not trigger or improve symptoms); Hydrodistentions (x2); Bladder instillations (made frequency worse); Heating pad (makes frequency worse); Surgical removal of adhesions on bladder

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    Anyone? I'm not familiar with this medication for IC.

    Stay safe

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      Re: Desmopressin?

      Did you continue with the desmopressin? I'm thinking of trying it and would appreciate hearing of your experience with it.