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  • Home Foley catheters

    Does anyone use these? I just purchased some that are designed for home use, since I figure it might provide some relief on the nights where I just can't sleep from needing to get up to pee every 3 minutes. Strange as it may seem, a cath/leg bag sounds really appealing during those situations.

    Are there long-term detrimental effects on the bladder/urethra (such as retention) from using these on a semi-weekly basis? What are your experiences with using home Foley catheters?
    28 y/o female

    Bladder Symptoms:
    Severe urinary urgency/frequency with no bladder pain; severe urethral spasms (3x 'normal' pressure). Symptoms began in 2009.

    Failed medications:
    Ditropan XL (severe retention); Hyoscyamine (made bladder spasms worse); Marshmallow Root; D-mannose; Pristiq; Cymbalta; Lyrica; Nortryptaline; Prelief; Enablex; Baclofen; Ativan; Myrbetriq, Valium Vaginal Suppositories; Amitryptaline; Hydroxyzine

    Failed treatments:
    IC Diet (diet does not trigger or improve symptoms); Hydrodistentions (x2); Bladder instillations (made frequency worse); Heating pad (makes frequency worse); Surgical removal of adhesions on bladder

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    The only times I've had foley catheters was following surgical procedures. They didn't do me any damage. I do think it's important to work with your doctor on this.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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